When Your Loved One Resists Care

What can you do when you see that a loved one needs care, but they will not accept help? How can you encourage someone to accept assistance? These tips may help. Involve the person in decisions. Approach the person with respect. If at all possible, the person should still be in charge of his or her care. Your role may… READ MORE


Long Distance Care Giving

If you live in another town or state from a loved one who needs care, you will face very specific challenges. How will you know that the person is getting what he or she needs? These tips can help. Make regular scheduled visits. Depending on the level of independence, those visits could be occasional of frequent. Use your visits to… READ MORE

caregiving and work

Balancing Care Giving, Family and Work

Caring for an older, ill or disabled person can take a lot of time and energy. For people who work or have other family obligations, care giving can be very challenging. ┬áHere are some tips that can help you find a balance.   Take Care of yourself first . Taking care of yourself means that you can provide better care… READ MORE


A Checklist for New Caregivers

New caregivers face many challenges – from understanding the illness to providing immediate care or planning for the future. This checklist is designed to provide new caregivers with an overview of common care giving issues. Caring for an older, ill or disabled person can be challenging – especially if you are new to the task. But there are steps you… READ MORE